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Fire Protection System Testing & Inspection

Fire Alarms & Detection:
At AllState Fire Systems, we have over 30 years of experience and will ensure your fire systems will stay up to code and are in compliance. By scheduling testing of your fire alarms, this will ensure your systems are in working condition. NFPA 72 as well as state and local authorities have jurisdiction (AHJ) and mandate the type along with the frequency of your testing program.

Fire Pumps:
Fire pumps, like all other equipment, will deteriorate over time. At AllState Fire Systems, we ensure our technicians comply with the code requirements of NFPA 25, NFPA 72, local ordinances and state requirements. Accidental damage, careless use, corrosive environments, and tampering are just some of the external factors which fire pumps are vulnerable to. To ensure your fire protection system is up to code, our expert technicians will test and inspect your pipes.

Fire Sprinkler Systems:
AllState Fire Systems will put together an annual Testing and Inspection program specifically designed for your building and system. This program will follow the guidelines of NFPA 25 as well as applicable codes and standards. To ensure your program is cost effective, we will work with you to construct a customized program. Our ability to combine services allows our customers to have a streamlined process and savings on the bottom line. We strive for our customers to spend less time worrying about their sprinkler systems.

Testing abilities include:
Wet, Dry, Pre action, Deluge, Antifreeze, Foam, Standpipe, Fire pump testing, Hydrant Flow, Back flow, Dry pipe inspection, Drain and Alarm tests.

Special Hazard Fire Suppression:
AllState Fire Systems has the team to handle any “Special” procedures necessary to protect your building or system from a fire. Whether it’s a self-service gas station or a kitchen suppression system, we have you covered. We eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple companies by providing you with one central point of contact. AllState Fire Systems has a team of experts trained in all off the equipment and controls necessary for your suppression system, so eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple companies by providing you with one central point of contact. You can rest assure your system will work in a time of need. We will ensure to cover your every need and will provide the highest level of service repair to your system.

We also have the ability to test:
Halon, FM200, Dry Chemical, Kitchen Suppression Systems, Inergen, Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Novec 1230, Kidde, Ansul, Pyrochem, and Fike. Testing is conducted within accordance with NFPA 10,17,17a, 96,2001 and all applicable state and local codes.

Fire Extinguishers:
Portable fire extinguishers require periodic maintenance, so AllState Fire Systems will efficiently complete an NRPA 10 required inspection. Maintaining and testing your fire extinguishers will fulfill both legal and insurances requirements. Our trained technicians will make sure your fire extinguishers are ready for when you need them by performing routine inspections, testing, and maintenance

Allstate is a registered distributor of:
Gamewell/FCI – Amerex – Ansul- Pyro-Chem – StatX



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